Techprivacy Tor Network

Due to unexpected bandwidth overages, the UK node is currently offline while I look for hosting providers with cheaper bandwidth rates

What is it?

The Techprivacy Tor Network is a non-profit network of Tor nodes that is designed to help make the Tor network faster, more reliable and more anonymous. It is currently only 1 node but I plan on launching more soon. They will be run across a diverse range of locations and providers to ensure they are as effective as possible

How does it work?

The Tor network essentially bounces your traffic through multiple servers or relays in order to hide its origin and destination. This means that the more relays there are available, the faster the network will be and the more anonymous its users will be.

How are the servers configured?

The relays run on Ubuntu server (currently 22.04 LTS) and run the official Tor package for Debian/Ubuntu.

Why not exit nodes?

Exit nodes come with legal liabilities and are generally are not allowed by hosting providers. I’d like to run exit nodes in the future but for now, guard nodes and middle relays are fine.

Can I help?

Yes. You can help by donating to the project (100% of the money is used to maintain the project and is never taken as profit) or you can help by providing resources to the project. All help is greatly appreciated.

Current nodes

IPLocationProviderTypeTor metrics
London, UKEntry/MiddleClick here

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